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Bike rentals in Lucca


Discover our bike-friendly city!

P+CC Pro Classic Cycle is the perfect place to be for bike rentals in Lucca.
Fancy a spin around the city? Hire a bike from P+CC Pro Classic Cycle and enjoy a leisurely ride around the city.
Are you going to stay here just for a weekend? Or would you like to stay more? Choose P+CC Pro Classic Cycle’s rental bicycles! We strive to give you a wonderful biking experience, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Enjoy the city centre and the striking city walls in a top quality city bike or rent a comfortable hybrid bike to push out of town, along the banks of Serchio or the Roman aqueduct Nottolini.
Choose from a wide selection of bikes and enjoy a breath-taking guided tour around the wonderful Montecarlo’s hills or the seafront of Versilia!
Are you looking for adventure? Hire a mountain bike or an e-mtb for a forest adventure with your family or friends!
What are you waiting for? Rent your bike in one of the two shops and take it back to the one you prefer.

road bike

Road bikes rental

Ideal for sportsmen, these bikes are designed to be ridden on paved tarmac.

Mountain bikes rental

Ride off-road with our top quality mountain bikes!

E-Bike rental

Enjoy the charm of our city by riding a comfortable e-bike!


City bikes rental

Choose from a wide array of easy to use city bike and discover out city!


Hybrid Bike Rental

We offer a huge selection of comfortable hybrid bikes to choose from.


Rickshaw Rental

Choose from a wide range of 2-4 seater rickshaw and enjoy the city in a different and fun way.


Rent a bike

Do you want to rent a bike?
Do you want to rent a rickshaw?
Adding one or more accessories, the price per bike will increase by 5,00€.