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For registration is necessary:


All information are below, please read carefully.Send the documents to: ultrapuane@proclassiccycle.com

1. Introduction

Percorso UltrApuane 1000 kmPercorso Challenge 750 kmPercorso Experience 350 km
Solo (men/women)
Team 2 (male/female/mixed)
Team 4 (male/female/mixed)
Solo self support* (men/women)
Pair self support* (men/men)
Solo (men/women)Team 2 (male/female/mixed)
Team 4 (male/female/mixed)
Solo self support* (men/women)
Pair self support* (men/men)

Solo (men/women)Team 2 (male/female/mixed)
Team 4 (male/female/mixed)
Solo self support* (men/women)
Pair self support* (men/men)

You can participate on bike with the following types: standard bike racing, TT bikes, recumbent (recumbent bike), mountain biking and hand bikes.Participants must be 18 years of age and enrolled in a Federation (FCI, ACSI, UDACE etc.).Participation is open to athletes with disabilities.The official time detection device will be activated for each category SOLO / Team to start and will not be stopped for any reason until the end of their race.

*Cyclists registered only in male and female category without support are competing with other categories and must follow the same rules below, except for those relating to the support car and the crew team. Also the category with no support can get help only by members of other teams, or seeking help in complete autonomy, in bars, supermarkets, shelters, if they are Identified car with staff assigned to support an athlete's self supported, the athlete will be disqualified.

UltrApuane and Challenge race

CATEGORYUntil 30/11/19From1/12/19 to 31/01/20From 1/02/20 to 10/05/20
Solo self support* (men/women)
€ 160,00
€ 190,00
€ 230,00
Solo (men/women)
€ 260,00€ 290,00€ 340,00
Team 2 (male/female/mixed)
€ 300,00
€ 330,00
€ 380,00
Team 4 (male/female/mixed)
€ 330,00
€ 370,00
€ 420,00
Pair selfsupport (male/female/mixed)
€ 300,00
€ 330,00
€ 380,00


Experience race

CATEGORYUntil 30/11/19From 1/12/19 al 31/01/20From 1/02/20 al 10/05/20
Solo self support* (man/woman)
€ 130,00
€ 160,00
€ 200,00
Solo (man/woman)
€ 230,00€ 260,00€ 310,00
Team 2 (man/woman/ mixed)
€ 270,00
€ 300,00
€ 350,00
Team 4 (man/woman/ mixed)
€ 300,00
€ 340,00
€ 390,00
Pair self supporto (man/woman/ mixed)
€ 270,00
€ 300,00
€ 350,00

After registration and payment we will not accept cancellations and do not reimburse the cost of enrollment for any reason. Registrations may be CANCELED will remain valid for the following year.
Payment to be made no later than 31th july 2020.

2. Responsibility

All participants in the race do so at risk and on their own responsibility. Therefore when It provides accreditation in Forlì each participant must sign and deliver to form release. That excludes the organizer and support staff of any legal claims. The organization is not responsible for any type of accident participants, for damage / loss of the same material and insurance (for accidents, illness, theft, liability) is the only responsibility of each member.

3. Amendments Regulation

The competition organizers reserve the right to change the competition rules if necessary, especially if security remains the number one priority.
When the organization creates new rules, they apply to each participant upon posting on our site; in case of revised rules for reasons of extreme urgency, These will be communicated directly to each participant and team leader.

4. Correctness

The fair play must be part of the race and it should be worth every participant. If a cyclist or member of the support team, has blatantly inappropriate behavior, they will be punished with a penalty.


5. Official Path

Each rider must follow the official route and the instructions in RoadBook; the RoadBook is the only official document to follow the route. So in case of discrepancy between instructions / RoadBook and GPX files delivered to every athlete at the briefing, always it has priority RoadBook.
The cyclist coming out of the path for any reason, must re-enter the exact spot where it occurred off the path. The only way for the return granted within the path is by bike.


6. Unpredictable events

If a cyclist and his support team can not continue along the official route for an unexpected event (by way of example: work in progress, weather conditions, accidents, emergency, festivals etc.), The cyclist / head crew he must inform the organizer. It will be the organizer to notify the alternative route by telephone. If for various reasons (by way of example: lack of telephone network, noisy line, busy, etc) the rider / crew chief is unable to communicate with the organization, the same is authorized to assess an alternative that will evaluated by the as organizer soon as possible

7. Work in progress

The cyclist and the crew can also cross roads with work in progress, ALWAYS respect the highway code.


8. Cyclists

Except as described in "unpredictable events", participants can leave the path only to find an area to eat or sleep.
Cyclists can not be driven by people, other cyclists or towed by vehicles.

If two cyclists will encounter during the race, they can ride side by side for no more than 15 minutes and should be followed in this matter by a single support machine. Remember this is a NO DRAFT RACE, and that every rider must maintain a fair distance from any cyclist or vehicle preceding it.
Cyclists must travel on the right of the white line when possible.
If a cyclist gets support from a member of the Team, the person concerned must be on the right side of the vehicle.

9. Crew

Each rider / teams must have at least two crew members. If a rider has more of a means of support, each vehicle must have at least two crew members with driver's license.
Rule does not apply to the category only 1000/750/350 km with no support *


10. Disorder

The cyclist and the crew members must have adequate comportamente throughout the event.


11. The helmet, bike and security stickers

Throughout the race each rider must wear an approved helmet and all bikes must comply with UCI regulations; each bike must be equipped respecting the rules of the road.
In addition, each bike (including the spare) should have:

  • at least four reflective stickers on each side of each wheel;
  • reflective stickers behind the saddle;
  • reflective adhesive on the back of each shoe;
  • the race number attached to the helmet on the left side.

12. Traffic and Police

Ogni partecipante è tenuto a rispettare il codice delle strada ed ogni violazione dello stesso riscontrata dai nostri ufficiali di gara, sarà punita con una penalità.

Inoltre ci riserviamo il diritto di notificare alla polizia eventuali violazioni.In particolare, a titolo esemplificativo e non esaustivo: non è permesso attraversare con il rosso, non è permesso non fermarsi agli incroci con lo STOP, ecc...I partecipanti che sono fermati dalla Polizia o Carabinieri per qualsiasi motivo, e devono lasciare il percorso per seguirli sono pregati di notificare all’organizzatore l’accaduto non appena possibile; segnaliamo che il ciclista non può procedere se il mezzo di supporto viene fermato.

13. Officials

Race officials are the only persons authorized to monitor the race and to give penalties in case of violations of the highway code.
The official notice can stop the cyclist to issue the penalty and also can stop the rider to remember the rules or for reasons security.
If the cyclist appears unable to continue for obvious physical problems, a tournament official is authorized to stop the cyclist.
The official notice may disqualify the rider who has broken the rules and passed the penalties allowed.

There will be two machines with match officials who will control the regularity of the race along the route, both during the day and the night and surprise checks.

14. Penalties

The official notice and the organizer can issue penalties to those who violated traffic rules or regulation.

Structure penalty for cyclists:

1st Penalty: 15 min

2nd penalty: disqualification

Penalty structure for Teams:

1st Penalty: 15 min

2nd penalty: disqualification

A violation of the rules by the crew member or will cause 'always a penalty' support for the rider.

The race organizer reserves the right to change the time of the penalty Depending on the type of violation and issue penalties Following the analysis of video or photos of competitors.


15. Credits

Only the organizer is authorized to issue bonus time. For example, the cyclist can 'receive as a result of an unexpected event time bonus That Caused a change of course disadvantageous

16. Publication penalties or credits

Penalties and loans taken by the cyclist will be promptly notified by SMS or phone to the rider and / or member of the crew.


The following points are considered serious violations of rules and will be punished with immediate disqualification:
  • Consumption of alcohol by the cyclist and the support team;
  • Possession of performance-enhancing substances;
  • Reject doping or drug testing before and after the race;
  • Complete part of the path on the support vehicle;
  • Accompanying the cyclist with a non-insured vehicle or Which does not comply with the highway code;
  • Refusing to take a sleep break When ordered by an official or by the organizer;
  • Behavior of the crew or the cyclist dangerous part for the safety of any other person on the road;
  • Harassment and insults to other cyclists;
  • Behaviors That put the race in a bad light;
  • The issue of two penalty.
If a cyclist will be disqualified, the organization will reserve to accept or not the cyclist in the following years

17. Action for competition decisions

Any appeal must be written and handed over to the organizer by the end of the race. Official appeal must include the reason and any evidence (photos, videos, etc.). The organizer will assess and decide by the end of the event.

Inquiries before competition:

Each participant and crew member shall participate on in the briefing and complete all required activities as outlined in the schedule of activities. Also please note that each participant must sign and deliver briefings at the accreditation to the participant's release form.
Violation of these requirements will result in 1h preventive penalties


18. Rules for the start and finish of the race

The following rules relate to the start and finish of the race: All cyclists must start from Lucca. In particular, teams of 2 or 4 riders will start with the full crew, and after exiting from the City Walled they must change; and each team must have a single rider on the course. The teams complete the journey over the last 5 km on a single line up to the inside the Wall.

19. Sponsors

The organizer may require that the name and symbols of the sponsors of the event are placed on the support vehicles

20. Phones Mobile Phones

All crews must be in possession of at least one cell and at least one smartphone always reachable phone number

21. Mandatory reporting

The race organizer must be contacted by phone or SMS if:
  • there is a change of a crew member;
  • When there is a change of the rider on the course for teams of 2 or 4 people;
  • the cyclist encounters a traffic stop, extreme weather conditions, road works, accidents and for any unforeseen event;
  • problems with the support of the machine;
  • the rider withdraws from the race

22. Web Tracking e Time Stations

The position of each rider and team will be monitored through a web service tracking.

In addition there will be Time Stations and check points, indicated on the road book, where athletes will be subject to penalty stopped


23. Support Vehicles

Only two vehicles are allowed for each rider / team, every means must be clearly marked with the stickers of the event will receive accreditation.All support vehicles (outside of stock car always follows the rider) must respect the normal speed limits along the way.They will be penalized the teams T

hat will not facilitate or are obstructing traffic. Car registration numbers must be indicated at registration.

24. Pace Car Support Machine

Each rider / team must be Followed by a support machine

The support machine is the only vehicle that is allowed to follow the cyclist directly and must be equipped as follows:
  • Numbers of the cyclist race (provided at the briefing);
  • sticker 'attention ahead cyclist "(provided at the briefing).
During the day, it is not required that the support car is always behind the cyclist; however at night the car must ALWAYS be behind the cyclist in motion.
Throughout the race, only to vehicle can be designated to support the machine. In case of emergency, a second machine may be used in place of the first. If there is a change of support this machine must be communicated to the organizer as soon as possible.
If there are several vehicles in the queue behind the support car, as soon as possible and without compromising the safety of the cyclist, you will move to facilitate vehicular traffic.


25. Stickers

When he checked in, they will be given different stickers for the race.

These must be attacked on the machine as follows:

Race number / name athlete / ULTRAPUANE (at the discretion of the organizaton):

One (1) behind the machine *
One (1) on the left side *

* They must be attached only to the glass and still NOT on the body

Additional stickers to be placed:
- "WARNING cyclists AHEAD" sticker (1):
by sticking behind and in a visible location

- One (1) sticker with the race number to attach the left of the helmet

Obviously, the stickers Should not be attached on the glass of the driver and the passenger side, Which must be clear, to Ensure visibility and safety; And Also other adhesives, However, must be Placed with this logic.

26. Lights of support and a stereo room

One or two orange flashing lights can be installed on the car roof support. The light must be visible only from behind and then you'll have to cover the front side up to half.

Every time that machine is the support behind the cyclist the light must remain lit; in other cases it can 'be turned off.

They can be mounted additional lights to escort vehicles if they conform to the law.

stereos and speakers can be installed on the roof of the vehicle support, but please turn down the volume at night when driving through residential areas.

27. Overtaking procedures

The overtaking procedures should be completed as quickly as possible and only where the traffic allows this maneuver safely.

28. Support and race at night

Night-time is Considered to be from 7 pm (19:00) at 7:00 am (07:00) and the same rules of the night Also must be applied in case of poor visibility due to fog, for example.

Under these conditions support the machine must follow each time the cyclist which is located on the route. So if the support machine also stops the rider must stop and the opposite.

Every time that the cyclist is on the path during the night, he must remain at inside of the machine of the support beam of light.
During the night, the team members and the cyclist should wear reflective clothing and when to they they are moving and when to stop.

29. Film and private videos

Errors and violations of rules produced by members of the crews of the other participants, will be Evaluated and judged by the end of the race if delivered immediately

30. Additional rules for the Team

Except for the start of the race and at the end (the last 5 km in single line, all rider) each team is in the race with only one rider on the course.

The exchange rates of cyclists can occur Within the TS indicate in the road book or in any other point of the path; but the chief crew must report to the organizer by SMS or phone, simultaneously with the change, the name of the rider who is in the race.

If a cyclist team has any kind of problem, the team leader can to continue competing on the path and then jump even any possible change interval

31. Change cyclists Team

It important that the exchange of the cyclist takes place where the traffic conditions permit and flying changes are not permitted in urban areas, in heavy traffic conditions or in the vicinity of intersections; Please note that at any time during the game each participant must respect the Highway Code.

We reiterate that the team leader may decide to make the change of the rider in the race at any time, by giving notice to the organizer who must always know the name of the rider on the course.

For example: Team team decides to change the oil every 50km- Well on each occasion, the team leader must communicate to the organizer via SMS the name of the rider who will enter the path
If an official in a spot check, find a rider other than reported, there will be a penalty for the team.

Can spy on other teams and cyclists, but only using a support vehicle Involved in the race. Obviously it is not allowed to disturb or harm another competitor.



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