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€ 120.00 per person
Duration: 4 hours (approximately). Guide and E - bike included
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Lucca - Pisa by bicycle

There is day and there is night, white and black ... and then there are Lucca and Pisa, irreconcilable and yet not so far apart, almost as if you can't do without each other! On one side the city of merchants, of a hundred churches, closed within its walls, like a charming, rich and austere woman. On the other, the seaside city, hated in Tuscany, but famous all over the world for its leaning tower and the square of miracles, a UNESCO heritage site! For a day we will try to unite them in an imaginary way, riding a bicycle, to discover contrasts that are still alive and a past that has not vanished at all. We will reach the center of Pisa and visit it riding our Ebike. You will have time for lunch and then we will leave in the direction of Lucca along the cycle path along the Medici aqueduct of the 1600s.

A personal and scenic way to get to know one of the most visited cities in Italy.


Distance traveled: 59km (37mi)


Total ascent: 200m (650ft)


40% asphalt, 60% dirt. Cycle route all year round.


Duration: about 7 hours


MEDIUM. Physical commitment 3/5 Technical level 2/5


€ 120.00 per person (guide and E - bike included)


Reservations required