P+CC Proclassic Cycle
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€ 140.00 per person
Duration: 6 hours (approximately)
Guide, city bike, entrance to the park of the villa and light lunch with wine tasting included.
CONTACT US ... only by reservation The splendor of the historic noble villas by cycling through the rural landscapes typical of these areasone.

villas and farms

Lucca and its villas, a heritage that undoubtedly deserves to be discovered and studied in depth. We will start the tour from the city center, heading, following the path of the Serchio river, in the open countryside, until we reach the territory where there are many of these wonderful historic houses. We will visit the most sumptuous and regal: VILLA REALE. We will visit the huge and majestic park of the villa to discover every attraction: the lemon garden, the Spanish garden, the greenery theater, the avenue of the camellias, the lake, the pan cave, the water theater and much more beauty! On the way back we will stop at a local farm that produces vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and wine.

We will have a wine tasting and a delicious light lunch with their products. We will return to the city with the memory of a truly unique experience!


Distance traveled: 23km (14mi)


Total ascent: 70m (230ft)


50% asphalt, 50% dirt - cycle path all year round


Duration: about 6 hours


MEDIUM level. Physical commitment 3/5 Technical level 2/5


€ 140.00 per person (guide, city bike, entrance to the park of the villa and light lunch with wine tasting)


Reservations required