P+CC Proclassic Cycle
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€ 85.00 per person
Duration: 4 hours (approximately) Including guide, E - bike and coffee break.
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E- Bike Explorer

A real "cycling excursion" for all explorers on two wheels. The pedal assisted bike is the ideal way to get out of the city of Lucca and embrace a large natural area that will take us to the slopes of the Pisan Mountains. Pedaling along the beaten roads that line the reclamation canals we will go up to the hilltop villages that once also had a function of protection for the city. We will then move to the Padule: once a vast swamp and today, now reclaimed, a small jewel thanks to which it is possible to rediscover the Tuscany of the past.

Cycling is also knowing!


Distance traveled: 33km (21mi)


Total ascent: 350m (1150ft)


45% asphalt, 45% dirt - 10% grass. Cycle route all year round


Duration: about 4 hours


Medium level. Physical commitment 2/5 Technical level 3/5


€ 85.00 per person (guide, city bike, entrance to the park of the villa and light lunch with wine tasting)


Reservations required