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P+CC Pro Classic Cycle


Passion and expertise

P+CC Pro Classic Cycle was established in 2017, when Cesare, a bike mechanic from Philippine, had the great idea of starting up his own activity.
His outstanding experience has led Cesare to open P+CC Pro Classic Cycle, where, with great professionalism and passion, he repairs, restores, sells and rents all types of bicycles.
At the end of 2017, P+CC became an official brand and, in March 2018, Cesare decided to open a second store, P+CC Pro Classic Cycle 2.0, together with his friend Andrea, a young engineer tired of his job.
At P+CC Pro Classic Cycle you can buy, rent and even repair any type of bike, from the most battered city bike to the most advanced e-bike; we offer the highest level service, doing our best to make sure that your cycling needs can be satisfied.

Race preparation
Vintage re-style
State-of-the-art workshop
Tourist guides
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P+CC Pro Classic Cycle, your ideal partner!

Pro Classic Cycle is the perfect ally for all bicycle lovers: our great passion and expertise allow us to be the ideal partner for those who love cycling, just like us.
These aspects are the foundation of our business and the reason we give to customers the same outstanding service that we would expect if it were our own bicycle.


Old bikes

Oldie but goodie, that's our motto! Make your old bike feel like new!
mountain bike

Mountain Bike

We offer a wide selection of mountain bikes for all off-road lovers!

road bike

Road bike

Whether they are made of carbon or aluminium, our road bikes ensure outstanding performances.