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The jagged appearance of the mountain ridges, reminiscent of those of the Dolomites, and the almost snowy white of the marble debris of the famous quarries, justify the name of the Alps. The Apuan Alps

EXPERIENCE Route 350 km - D + 7.000 mt

350 km around the plain of Lucca, touching the Vinci hills and the Pistoia climbs to return to Lucca. The experience that will remain in mind.

Route CHALLENGE 750 km - D + 17,000 mt

The route develops in the heart of the Apuan Alps. From the sea to the mountains, from the marble quarries to the lakes, the scenario is constantly changing in the blink of an eye. Getting bored is difficult

UltrApuane Route 1,000 km - D + 24,000 mt - CANCELED

The test bench. 2 check points and 2 refreshment points for 1,000 km. Teaming with the crew is important; for self-supported self-motivation is fundamental.

We decided not to start the long route because we felt that the period to prepare properly is not enough. The safety of the participants takes first place, as does the desire to make everyone experience positively. This year is not the right year for such a challenging path. IT'S JUST A GOODBYE "


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